Somethings: Chambray, Ruffles, Seersucker, a Bow, and Poms

My husband and a few of his friends pick one day during the holiday break to have an all-day "guy-fest" of sorts. Basically it's like a day for them to pretend they're in college again. He always comes home saying it's one of the most awesome days of the year.

He posed an interesting question to me after this year's guy-fest. He said "what would be your equivalent to a day like this?"

No brainer.

Spending an entire day out thrift shopping!

So, although I didn't spend the entire day, I did spend 4 hours this past Monday at Goodwill of Akron, and every minute of it was pure pure joy. It was my version of guy-fest minus the guys and minus the fest. Just me, my coffee and a shopping cart full of somethings.

First up, the clothes:

Chambray pleated blouse by Miley Cyrus. I'll be movin' my hips like yeah!
Thin and cozy Old Navy v-neck tee in pink heather.
Am. Eagle blue-white striped ruffled button-down blouse. Perfect under a cardi.

Thought this might look cute with a button-down underneath. Like this.

Fitted seersucker blazer from Limited. Holy great find!! And then....

...I found the matching pants in a completely different section!!! 
Red striped ruffle blouse from Charlotte Rousse.

Vintage crocheted shawl with poms. This kinda made me hyperventilate with
excitement.  I don't know that I'll ever wear it but It makes me happy just looking
at it. 
For the love of poms! 
H & M Blouse in a pink/ivory.
This top was from a previous Goodwill trip but I had to share because it's
currently the most worn item in my closet. The tag says twenty-one which I
assume is Forever 21?
This bow detail is what I like best.
I wore this the other day and C said to me, "I don't like pink-a-dots."
Well it's a good thing I was wearing polka dots.

H & M polka dot hoodie. Or C would say black-a-dot hoodie.

And of course I always pick a few things up for the big guys.

Bright orange polo sweatshirt. I'm thinkin' beach, Florida, white pants. cute!

Stockin' up now in preparation for Spring.

Season's over but C loves the Browns just as much as his dad (and the rest of
Cleveland) event though we're the 6th worst team in the league. (Note: I totally
didn't know that stat. I would have written that we were the  #1 worst team had
I not asked D.) (Additional note: had to google whether to use "worst" or 
"worse." Still not sure if I chose the right one...

Aside from this cart of clothes I also picked up some books, housewares, fabric, and Christmas decorations. I am excited to share those soon.

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  1. Whoa...jackpot!! LOVIN' that crochet poncho! I had one almost exactly like it when I was a girl. Mine was goldish/brown. LOVED it!!
    xo Kris

  2. That poncho is fabulous! I'd be dorky and just wear it at home while reading and sipping tea. The shirt with the bow is also all is! I would spend a free day exactly the same way. It's fun seeing what treasures will float up :)

  3. I love the pink polka dot shirt. I am a polka dot girl too. I hope the new year is kind to you and that all your dreams come alive.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  4. Way to go! You raked in quite a haul and had fun doing it. Win-Win!

  5. LOVE that poncho! Looks like something I would've scooped up too :)

    You got so lucky with that suit! I'm going to be looking for work clothes this weekend, so hopefully I'll get just as lucky.

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    Be sure and check out my new Blog Hop that we just started, It's Weekly Goals Link Up. It's a great way to stay on track. Have a great day. :) Here's the link in case you want to check it out. Thanks again.

  7. Great finds. I actually was looking for the sewing pattern for that shirt with the cute bow... ;-) You did well.