Somethings: Furniture

Welcome to round 2 of my end of garage-sale season round-up. Yeah, I've finally come to terms that I've reached the end. The winter will be full of thrift stores, antique stores, and any estate sale in a 50 mile radius!

This was a top 5 find from this summer! People from a nearby street were moving
and had tossed a few items on their lawn with a "for sale" sign. I slammed on my breaks
when I saw this. Asked the guy how much and he said F-R-E-E! Love, love, love this.
Those spindle legs make me weak in the knees.

Another top 5 find! I love the hairpin legs and get this... the entire top spins!!
I was in the process of painting it here... more pics to come.

Another children's chair for the collection. I actually painted
this one green and had it for sale in the Somethings Sale
but (thankfully!) no one bought it. I kinda love it. 

Chair - to be painted

Another gold tea cart! I am VERY tempted to paint it turquoise.

Another vintage metal stool from the Sampler like this one.
I'll be giving it a fresh coat of paint -- kind've thinkin'
yellow on this guy.

This little vintage vanity stool was just screamin' for
a makeover. The possibilities... 

How darn cute is this pint-sized red/white striped
vintage folding beach chair?  Too cute, that's how cute!

And last but not least is this old ladder back chair.
The cushion has been recovered and the frame will
be getting a paint job. Pics to come... 

 Final round - Vintage Christmas!!! Coming soon...


  1. Love all you finds - love the children's chairs and the first table!!!

  2. This are really great finds. I always love the vintage stuff because they never grow old and they can blend well with anything.

  3. Something furniture is shown on the post her. Read to know more about it

  4. OH that is the perfect table that i've been looking for !!!! I hope to find mine at this years sales. Steph

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