Somethings: Vintage Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...and thank goodness because I've been dyin' to put out all of my newly thrifted decorations. Especially my most favorite find of the entire summer -- This VINTAGE TURQUOISE TONKA TRUCK!!!!!! 

I just adore it! And it will not be put away after Christmas. Oh no, that tree in the back will be replaced with Valentine'a candy, Easter eggs, American flags, and pumpkins. 

These actually hang on the wall in C's vintage sports room, but they would make
great Christmas decorations.

I found this one last summer. Bought it for my friend Gretchen for 1 DOLLAR!

This is NOT a thrifted find (it's from Pottery Barn Kids for $6.50), but I felt it was
appropriate to include given my minor bottle brush obsession and my
recent post about this unknown (at least to me) world of bottle brush animals.

I thrifted these last year. I'm thinking of yanking them right off that
wreath though and  actually wearing them.

Oh Garage Sale Season, how I miss you already.

Bottle Brush Addicts Beware

I have a thing for bottle brush trees, especially bottle brush trees tied to vintage vehicles.

I'll take ten of these.
via Pottery Barn
Apparently, customers who viewed that ornament also viewed these adorable, bottle brush... ANIMALS! I didn't even know these existed. My world just got rocked!

Somethings: Furniture

Welcome to round 2 of my end of garage-sale season round-up. Yeah, I've finally come to terms that I've reached the end. The winter will be full of thrift stores, antique stores, and any estate sale in a 50 mile radius!

This was a top 5 find from this summer! People from a nearby street were moving
and had tossed a few items on their lawn with a "for sale" sign. I slammed on my breaks
when I saw this. Asked the guy how much and he said F-R-E-E! Love, love, love this.
Those spindle legs make me weak in the knees.

Another top 5 find! I love the hairpin legs and get this... the entire top spins!!
I was in the process of painting it here... more pics to come.

Another children's chair for the collection. I actually painted
this one green and had it for sale in the Somethings Sale
but (thankfully!) no one bought it. I kinda love it. 

Chair - to be painted

Another gold tea cart! I am VERY tempted to paint it turquoise.

Another vintage metal stool from the Sampler like this one.
I'll be giving it a fresh coat of paint -- kind've thinkin'
yellow on this guy.

This little vintage vanity stool was just screamin' for
a makeover. The possibilities... 

How darn cute is this pint-sized red/white striped
vintage folding beach chair?  Too cute, that's how cute!

And last but not least is this old ladder back chair.
The cushion has been recovered and the frame will
be getting a paint job. Pics to come... 

 Final round - Vintage Christmas!!! Coming soon...

Somethings: a little bit of everything

Garage sale / estate sale season is coming (hold on, let me grab a tissue) to (sniffle) an en... Oh, I can't even bear to say it. It's coming to an en...

Nope, not ready to admit it.

The season, especially this last month, has been plentiful with treasures! So much so that I'll be sharing them in 3 separate posts:

  • A little bit of Everything 
  • Furniture
  • and my favorite...Vintage Christmas!!

And so I give you... a little bit of everything...

Plastic marquee letters. Got a whole box of 'em!
White lotus bowls

Turquoise Pyrex
Turquoise Fire King Bowl
Turquoise mixing spoon. Can't get me enough turquoise!
Vintage fabrics. First up - some fun bunting like this.
Washed then went straight to the vintage sports room. Browns colors to boot!
A secret pocket... 
3 vintage Nancy Drew books. These are going to my friend Laura who just
published her SECOND book with her sister, Lisa. Amazing! 
Little Women - Loved the cover
One of my favorite quotes...
"'We'll be friends forever, won't we Pooh?' Said Piglet.
'Even longer'  Pooh answered."
LOVED this silver bird!! He lasted one day before two
little children knocked him off the table. I need to start
gluing things down.
Candle stands to be used for my cheese dome cloches.

This is a cute little vintage stamp roll holder. My favorite part about it though
was that they had a garage sticker on there for 5 cents.
I totally got "nickle and dimed!" 
This cutey vintage car was sold to my friend Gretchen at the Somethings sale. 
These make me think of this great you tube video called Caine's Arcade.
It's ten minutes, but a GREAT video. A must-see!
FINALLY found an old galvanized tub. This actually wasn't even for sale, but I
saw it on a shelf in this lady's garage, asked about it, and she sold it to me.
My motto: Just ask!
Cute little vintage framed fabric art.
Starting a mirror collection so that I can make a
gallery wall of mirrors like this one.
Old, wooden children's baseball bat. 
Window frame shutter mirror. Saw this similar one at Pottery Barn for $499!
Vintage polka dot wrapping paper. Uh oh, I'm feeling the urge to start collecting
so I can have a stash that looks like this.

Check back for my furniture and vintage Christmas finds, including my most FAVORITE find of the whole summer.