The Sampler

Remember this turquoise shutter my friend Laura got me for my birthday? It came from a store in Hudson, OH called The Sampler. They sell wares from local artists, crafters and collectors.

I stopped in there a few weeks ago to check it out. (And by check it out I mean spend 2 hours there because you love everything and can't decide what not to buy!)

I hemmed and hawed but I am so glad I decided to buy this little vintage red metal stool!

I also found this cute vintage car and a replication of a vintage football sign.

 Good finds, yeah?

If you're ever in or near Hudson, be sure to stop by the Sampler -- 5850 Darrow Road. Oh, did I mention that this here crafter-in-training and collector of all things unique and vintage is going to have her very own display there?  I don't know who's more excited -- me because it' such a cool opportunity, or D because I'll finally be getting all my stuff out of the basement. Probably me because i think D knows in his heart of hearts that I'll fill that basement back up just as fast as I cleared it out ;)

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  1. OMG what a darling little chair!! Love it. Thanx for sharing at THT!

  2. great find its looks so cute

  3. Do you have any idea what size that ball jar is? How many quarts?

    1. Hi Jess - It's 19" tall and the opening at top is 4" wide. Not sure of the gallons/quarts. Sorry!