Flippin' Sweet Costumes

Couldn't resist putting together a compilation of the best costumes I've seen around the web. Plus a few bonus photos at the end ;)

Marty McFly, Back to the Future - via Design You Trust
Ron Burgandy, Anchorman - via Twicsy
Ghost - via Ellen
Funny Bunny - via Ellen
Comic - via Abduzeedo
Grateful Dead Bear - via SF Gate
80s Senior Picture - via Jessica Hische
Prince - via theFW:
Computer Error - via The Meta Picture
Wayne & Garth - via PeroWhateva

And the "bonus" picures... This is D, my brother and I a few years ago.

Locker background via Movie-Locations

I thought our costumes were pretty flippin sweet until I saw this...
Kip, Napoleon Dynamie - via dude comon
and this...
Napoleon & Pedro - Multiple sources

Gosh. These kids' are so friggin' sweet at making flippin' costumes. They have skills. Not like nunchuck skills, or computer-hacking skills, but sweet costume making skills.

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  1. Katie...I forgot how flippin' sweet these costumes were! Soooooo hilarious! XO