Flippin' Sweet Costumes

Couldn't resist putting together a compilation of the best costumes I've seen around the web. Plus a few bonus photos at the end ;)

Marty McFly, Back to the Future - via Design You Trust
Ron Burgandy, Anchorman - via Twicsy
Ghost - via Ellen
Funny Bunny - via Ellen
Comic - via Abduzeedo
Grateful Dead Bear - via SF Gate
80s Senior Picture - via Jessica Hische
Prince - via theFW:
Computer Error - via The Meta Picture
Wayne & Garth - via PeroWhateva

And the "bonus" picures... This is D, my brother and I a few years ago.

Locker background via Movie-Locations

I thought our costumes were pretty flippin sweet until I saw this...
Kip, Napoleon Dynamie - via dude comon
and this...
Napoleon & Pedro - Multiple sources

Gosh. These kids' are so friggin' sweet at making flippin' costumes. They have skills. Not like nunchuck skills, or computer-hacking skills, but sweet costume making skills.

Somethings: Pack Your Bags

Nothing's more awkward than picking through a heap of trash right as the garbage truck pulls up.

But, I'll take awkward any day in exchange for all of this!


The Sampler

Remember this turquoise shutter my friend Laura got me for my birthday? It came from a store in Hudson, OH called The Sampler. They sell wares from local artists, crafters and collectors.

I stopped in there a few weeks ago to check it out. (And by check it out I mean spend 2 hours there because you love everything and can't decide what not to buy!)

I hemmed and hawed but I am so glad I decided to buy this little vintage red metal stool!

I also found this cute vintage car and a replication of a vintage football sign.

 Good finds, yeah?

If you're ever in or near Hudson, be sure to stop by the Sampler -- 5850 Darrow Road. Oh, did I mention that this here crafter-in-training and collector of all things unique and vintage is going to have her very own display there?  I don't know who's more excited -- me because it' such a cool opportunity, or D because I'll finally be getting all my stuff out of the basement. Probably me because i think D knows in his heart of hearts that I'll fill that basement back up just as fast as I cleared it out ;)

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On Sale: Frye Boots

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even use enough exclamation points to express how excited I am about this purchase.

I stopped in at Nordstrom Rack 5 minutes before they were closing last night to do a quick looksie for some nude colored flats.

I didn't find the flats, but I found these.

I've been looking at these Frye Melissa Button boots every year for like the last 3 years. They are exactly what I want but I would never buy them because they are WAY out of my price range, as in THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT DOLLARS out of my price range.  I swear. Look hereherehere and here.

Out of curiosity i took one out of the box to see what the price tag said...

You are going to freak!


I got them for...


SEVENTY NINE BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you kidding me! That's like 85% OFF!!!! I am still pinching myself (and hyperventilating into a paper bag!) Even the girl at the register said "Woah, you got a heck of a deal on these!"

You bet your sweet-a I did!!

Ok, gotta go stare at my boots.

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The Somethings Sale - Party Recap

Well... I was two posts short in my attempt to do 7 pre-party peeks (NOT Peaks... thank you anonymous). Hopefully I can make up for it with more photos than you probably care to see!

Pictured above are my friends Laura and Stacey (sisters). Laura was my painting-partner-in-crime, and Stacey
 (owner of Poochie Prints) was my paper pimp -- hooking me up with the evite, price tags, and a welcome card. She even came through with white circle stickers after I checked every drugstore in a 5-mile radius.

Welcome card designed by Stacey at Poochie Prints. Thanks Stace!

And here is my basement converted to the "Somethings Sale" boutique.

I got a little crazy with the sassed up mason jars, but they are just so A-mason-ing (amazing, lol!). Also loved
how the painted cheese dome cloches came out. I knew my cheese dome collection would come in handy!

There was so much great stuff in this boyish corner. The vintage rackets, the black drawers, the vintage car and the succulents all sold. This green kids chair that I painted did not sell, and I'm so happy because I really wanted to keep it :) I'm loving green right now. I have three other kids chairs waiting to be painted. I think I am going to do something like this.

This was my "vintage" 50s area. The purses, some jewelry, the straw canister, the copper Kromex cookie jar, one of the aprons and a few of the frames were bought. I was so surprised no one snatched up the Sugar and Tea canisters. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep them and display them in my kitchen.

My friend Becky purchased this handpainted driftwood "Lucky" sign with the horseshoe. She's superstisious and plans to hang it above her entry door. Any my other friend bought the upcycled candy jar. It looked a lot like this one did before I painted it. She is going to give it as a gift to someone (who may be a reader of this blog) so I won't mention her name ;)

Lots of fun stuff over on this table -- Poochie Prints stationery sets, vintage lanterns, an old scale, and lots of bowls and knick knacks. 

How great are those old movie reels!!! They would be so great as decoration in a tv or movie room like they did in this Ballard Design photo. They're also perfect decoration for an outdoor movie night -- ya know, like this amazing one from bash please.

Chairs were a HOT item. Our cousin Maggie is the proud new owner of those awesome orange nailhead club chairs. My friend and co-worker Kristin bought all three of the painted wooden chairs and is going to do an awesome mix of chairs around her kitchen table. And my friends Linds and Nick are probably going to buy the black leather chair (wink wink). It's a steal considering it kinda resembles this $700 one from Ballard Design. Stretching it? Ok fine. But it does look exactly like this $122 one from Brookstone.

Fall decorations weren't too popular, but I did sell the owls, the vintage scale and the succulent in the brown teapot. And no, I'm not ashamed to eat the candy corn out of the vases that didn't sell.

THANK YOU to all my friends, family, and friends of friends who attended! I hope you'll join me again next year :)