Somethings: Moo, Oink, Hoot

There's nothing I love more than Huntin'. 

So when my friend was in need of a cow for her and her family, I did what a good friend does. I went and got her that there cow.

And while I was at it, I went and gots me a pig...

...and an owl too.

And like any good hunter....

I'm gonna stuff 'em...

And put 'em on display. Just like these here beasts.

via Coastal Moss
via ScroungeBird
via Fruit Fly Pie
via ModClay

**Note from the author: Please don't unfollow me. I promise to never do another post in a country accent ever again.


  1. So cute, Katie! LOVE the cow...still enjoying my other one!!

  2. Super cute post! :) love all your finds but the owl is my favorite!

  3. You can talk in a southern accent any time!

    Thanks for making me laugh today!

  4. Awwh shucks...I kinder likes your country accent!!