Party Peek: Wise Old Trees in a Jar

I talk a lot about bottle brush Christmas trees. Like here and here.

I saw them used on a mantle display at Hula Seventy this past Spring and decided right then and there I needed to start collecting them.

I was on a real hot streak -- found 'em at three estate sales in a row...

Then nothing. Like 200 garage sales later kind-of-nothing.

And you know how that goes... You always want what you can't have, and I WANT MORE TREES.

I go to garage sales and ask for them.

I ask my friends who go to garage sales to ask for them.

I text my mother when she's at garage sales and remind her to ask for them.

No one has been able to get me MORE TREES.

And yes, I know I can buy them at Michaels or Jo-Anns all new and fresh, sealed in a cellophane bag. But those are rookie bottle brush trees. I want the old guys. The senior citizens of bottle brush trees. The wise ones that know a thing or two about Christmas and have seen Santa come down the chimney. 

Those are the kind of tress that are deserving of a place in the spotlight a vintage mason jar at the  Somethings Sale 

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  1. Very cute! Pinning, following & came to visit from FOX HOLLOW COTTAGE! :) Three Mango Seeds

  2. Wow, your sale is going to be fabulous! I love how you make things over, like the white ladder with the numbers...I never would've thought of that, but--presh!

    I enjoy reading your blog! Your sense of humor and your enthusiasm for vintage are so fun

  3. Very Cute. I just spent the last few weeks trying to find the exact same thing (although I was willing to find new if they looked good) I wanted to make these trees in jars with my MOMS group. Sadly, I need at least 40 and the ones at the stores are poopy. We are going to try and find something else to do instead :(
    Visiting from and the Power of Pinterest party.