Party Peek: 7 degrees of turquoise and coral

This turquoise little catch-all bin has been waiting patiently to be decorated. I considered writing Junk, or Stuff, or Misc., but it was 10:00 at night and 4-5 letter words seemed like a daunting task. I was looking to take some shortcuts.

Ampersand? Sold!

I seem to make quicker decisions when I'm tired.

Then I got sucked into the time warp of deciding on the perfect color.

When I spotted the coral color, little neurons started firing throughout my brain (I don't even know what that means or if I said it right...) I had JUST SEEN a super cute outfit of coral and turquoise over at 49 Dresses, I have several coral and turquoise outfits and home decor pinned on pinterest, and..... I have a turquoise and coral chevron blanket that I'm selling in the Somethings Sale!!!  Mover over Kevin Bacon -- coral and turquoise are comin' for ya!

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