Sneak Peek: So. Many. Succulents.

in Ball Mason Jars (inspired by A Happy Placed Called Home)...
in vintage tins...

in a pig... (must I remind you about the country accent?)
in a mini tea pot...
in a yellow mug...

in a little white  mustard jar...
in little white pails...
in a vintage green hobnail votive holder...
in a Swans Down vintage tin measuring cup...

AND OF COURSE in a painted green owl.

So. Many. Succulents. at the Somethings Sale.

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Party Peek: 7 degrees of turquoise and coral

This turquoise little catch-all bin has been waiting patiently to be decorated. I considered writing Junk, or Stuff, or Misc., but it was 10:00 at night and 4-5 letter words seemed like a daunting task. I was looking to take some shortcuts.

Ampersand? Sold!

I seem to make quicker decisions when I'm tired.

Then I got sucked into the time warp of deciding on the perfect color.

When I spotted the coral color, little neurons started firing throughout my brain (I don't even know what that means or if I said it right...) I had JUST SEEN a super cute outfit of coral and turquoise over at 49 Dresses, I have several coral and turquoise outfits and home decor pinned on pinterest, and..... I have a turquoise and coral chevron blanket that I'm selling in the Somethings Sale!!!  Mover over Kevin Bacon -- coral and turquoise are comin' for ya!

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Party Peek: Wise Old Trees in a Jar

I talk a lot about bottle brush Christmas trees. Like here and here.

I saw them used on a mantle display at Hula Seventy this past Spring and decided right then and there I needed to start collecting them.

I was on a real hot streak -- found 'em at three estate sales in a row...

Then nothing. Like 200 garage sales later kind-of-nothing.

And you know how that goes... You always want what you can't have, and I WANT MORE TREES.

I go to garage sales and ask for them.

I ask my friends who go to garage sales to ask for them.

I text my mother when she's at garage sales and remind her to ask for them.

No one has been able to get me MORE TREES.

And yes, I know I can buy them at Michaels or Jo-Anns all new and fresh, sealed in a cellophane bag. But those are rookie bottle brush trees. I want the old guys. The senior citizens of bottle brush trees. The wise ones that know a thing or two about Christmas and have seen Santa come down the chimney. 

Those are the kind of tress that are deserving of a place in the spotlight a vintage mason jar at the  Somethings Sale 

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Photo Friday: A Golden Treasure

I went to a garage sale a few weeks ago and this was parked in the driveway:

There's no way you could have this truck parked in your driveway and not have cool stuff in your garage sale!

Cool stuff they had  indeed! Unfortunately -- a lot of it was out of my price range. I did however walk away with this golden treasure:

It's a vintage Kromex copper cookie jar. I had no idea of it's value when I bought it, but it's sells for about -$40 - $50 online! How 'bout them cookies!

Party Peek: Sunshine Sign & Pom Flowers

This was a cabinet door... an oak cabinet door to be exact.

Unfortunately, it wasn't one of the 27 oak cabinet doors hanging in our kitchen that I desperately yearn to tear down and replace with white cabinets... .

I've considered painting them but have heard it's a tedious, long, awful, wish-you-never-started kind of project.

And I'm just not up for anything that's tedious, long, and awful.

Plus, if we buy new ones, I'll have 27 oak cabinet doors that I can turn into signs instead!

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Party Peek: Ladder & Books

It's about to get ca-razy up in here! The 7 day countdown for my friends & family Somethings Sale starts tomorrow. In honor of that I'll be posting 7 sneak peaks over the next week!

First up - Readers Digest Books and this upcycled, white distressed step ladder with stenciled numbers.

I am always on the lookout for these Readers Digest Condensed books. You can stack them and put a vase of flowers or a picture frame on top, or you can just group them in sets of 2 or 3 and display the patterned covers or colorful spines. I have about 15 of these that will be available at the sale.

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Photo Friday: Vintage Plates

Stacks of mismatched vintage china at Dan's cousin's wedding. Loved this!
And guess what flavor the cake was that they served on this beautiful china?
Salted caramel!!! Omg.

Somethings Sale

It's official -- I'm throwin' a party!! Friends and family have been bribed invited to come shop my collection of treasures and upcycled furniture and decor.

BIG Thanks to my friend Stacey over at Poochie Prints for designing the above ADORBS evite. Stacey is one of the most talented gals I know -- she has an incredible eye for design, is an awesome artist, and might just be one of the nicest people ever. Check out her website and her blog -- I love these new silhouettes she's offering in both prints or ornaments.

Silhouette ornament by Poochie Prints.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks of sale items as party prep is underway....

**Note to whomever actually lives at 1234 Somethings Lane. You may have a few people show up at your house on Sept. 27th. Just give them a bag and let them scavenge around your garage. 

Somethings: Moo, Oink, Hoot

There's nothing I love more than Huntin'. 

So when my friend was in need of a cow for her and her family, I did what a good friend does. I went and got her that there cow.

And while I was at it, I went and gots me a pig...

...and an owl too.

And like any good hunter....

I'm gonna stuff 'em...

And put 'em on display. Just like these here beasts.

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**Note from the author: Please don't unfollow me. I promise to never do another post in a country accent ever again.