You know you garage sale too much when...

...your three your old sees something new in the house and asks "Mama, did you get this from a garage sale?"

C asked me this a few months ago.

It wasn't in reference to a new piece of furniture...

... or a picture frame

... or a book

... or a toy

...or a vintage tennis racket for his room (We have about 8 of 'em!)

No, none of those.

It was a bottle of hand soap in the bathroom. Hand soap. A toiletry. He thinks I buy our tolietries from garage sales. Oy vey.

Then, this past weekend D and I were working in the yard and guess what he was playing in the garage?

Blocks? No.

Cars? No

House? No.

Here's a hint...

He was playing GARAGE SALE! He had set out all his toys and was selling them.

He cut me a real good deal... $40 bucks for everything!

Fast forward to today.

Look what I bought at a garage sale?

I've entered the world of buying toiletries at garage sales.

I'ts official. I garage sale too much. C had me pegged.


  1. I am smiling right out loud! THAT is funny! Does your kid know you, or what? xo Diana

  2. This is such a cute post!

  3. That's so funny because my daughter asks me similarly! We call thrift stores "treasure stores." So, she'll often ask if a coloring book or toy is from a treasure store (um, usually the answer is yes). She has yet to ask about toiletries though ;)

  4. So, how much was it???
    Tee hee!!

    1. Good question (my husband asked the same thing...after asking, did you seriously buy that at a garage sale?!) It was $1 AND it was unopened. Not bad. These usually sell for what, $5?

  5. So adorable!!! My kids are always asking me, "are you going to sell that on ebay?" :) And oh yeah, welcome to the next level of buying your toiletries out there. I have an eyeshadow in my stash (never used; I do have my standards!) with a big .50 sticker on it.

  6. Cracking up over here. Kids are so funny. There's nothing wrong with garage sale toiletries.

  7. I totally do toiletries. And you're bringing your boy up right.

  8. That is too, too cute! I love it, playing garage sale. At least he gave you the family price.

  9. This post made me laugh! At least you got a great deal on everything. Both my kids love to thrift shop/garage sale with me and get excited when they find a good deal. Start them young I always say. :-)