Photo Friday: Sand in my..., nose, eyes, mouth, ears, fingers, and toes. And arm pits. And bellybutton. And shorts. And diaper.

Somethings: Necklaces

Hit the jackpot a few weeks ago when a  neighbor of mine had a garage sale and decided to bring out her entire drawer (yes, drawer) of jewelry! Me and another girl sat on the lawn and went through the whole darn thing... piece... by piece. I was good and only bought these two:

And how about this yellow one I bought at another sale!

I am going to need more milk glass.

Photo Friday: Hey Cupcake

Hey Cupcake Food Trailer. South Congress, Austin, TX.

First Birthday

The Big Guy is officially ONE year old!

And since this is a blog about thrifting -- take a looksey at our photo booth seating:
I pulled this trunk from my neighbor's trash. Literally pulled it home from 5 houses down the street. No shame.

And in case you're wondering, I bought this guy REAL presents from an actual retail store -- nothing thrifted or picked up at a garage sale... Although... I did get a few things on clearance ;)

You know you garage sale too much when...

...your three your old sees something new in the house and asks "Mama, did you get this from a garage sale?"

C asked me this a few months ago.

It wasn't in reference to a new piece of furniture...

... or a picture frame

... or a book

... or a toy

...or a vintage tennis racket for his room (We have about 8 of 'em!)

No, none of those.

It was a bottle of hand soap in the bathroom. Hand soap. A toiletry. He thinks I buy our tolietries from garage sales. Oy vey.

Then, this past weekend D and I were working in the yard and guess what he was playing in the garage?

Blocks? No.

Cars? No

House? No.

Here's a hint...

He was playing GARAGE SALE! He had set out all his toys and was selling them.

He cut me a real good deal... $40 bucks for everything!

Fast forward to today.

Look what I bought at a garage sale?

I've entered the world of buying toiletries at garage sales.

I'ts official. I garage sale too much. C had me pegged.

Shut the front shutter

This birthday rocked my socks off. Like seriously one of the best ever.

First, my awesome friend Laura surprised me with this!
A distressed turquoise shutter decorated with vintage photos and prints. I beyond LOVE it! I've moved it to 4 different spots in the family room trying to find it the perfect place where it can be the center of attention.

Imagine how cute it will look this December when it's filled with holiday cards...

Or in February with the kids' valentine cards from school...

Or in May with save the dates and wedding invites for the upcoming summer...

Or... in July...

Ok, I'll shut-ter up now.

(at this point, socks are getting loose)

Then, I was totally surprised with a UPS delivery of this from my bro-in-law and sis-in-law:

Beer from Cisco Brewers on Nantucket. D and I went their for our 5th year anniversary and came back raving about Cisco's beers. Never thought I'd taste it again until we went back. Thanks K & L!

The morning of my bday the boys and I had breakfast at First Watch. If you've read my profile you know I love me some First Watch! Any restaurant that provides flavored coffee creamer will get my business... and my praises! Too bad Johnny Rockets didn't know that when I wrote a negative restaurant review on them for my high school newspaper 15 years ago. I would have turned a blind eye to their bad service and cold fries had I noticed some of this goodness on the table...

Yep, that's 4 creamers for one cup of coffee.

And a family picture to boot!

(socks are now starting to slip off...)

The following day my parents had us over for dinner. Great weather, great conversation, great food... and a big pink box. Guess what was inside this big pink box...

A brand new SEWING MACHINE!!!! (said in Oprah's Favorite-Things-Giveaway-voice. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here and ffwd to about 1:39.).

I am now the owner of my first sewing machine - a Singer Heavy Duty!

(my socks have officially been rocked off!)

The possibilities are endless....



hemmed pants...

Halloween costumes (which, by the way, C decided today that he'll be dressing up as The Bieber instead of Spiderman)...


and of course...

new socks!