Somethings: Mason Jars, Horse Lamp, Yellow Stool, Window Pane

Close friends of my parent's recently had an estate sale for their aunt's house. I didn't make it to the actual sale but they were so kind as to invite me over to go through the remaining stuff. And lucky for me, there were a ton of treasures still left to be found.
6 Ball Mason jars with lids. Loving these painted ones I saw on Pinterest.
Green hobnail votive holder
Straw Dispenser
Maxwell House 1892 Tin
Paper tags with wire string -- Perfectly aged.
Horse lamp. To be painted like one of these.... 
High gloss white like this one from Home Goods
featured on Danielle Oakey's blog.
Or matte black like this one from West Elm.
Just a little teapot. Short and brown.
Vintage tin measuring cup.
Turquoise Wine Glass
Cheese dome. I now have three of these. Why am I collecting cheese domes?
Vintage Strainer
Orange dish.
Cute brown leather vintage purse.
Blue and white yarn. Hoping to make these yarn poofball flowers.
Old  drawer. Check out that hardware! Mm'!!
A VERY rusty old scale.
Goood Houskeeping Tins. I especially love the winter and summer ones. 
Coral/Diamond Clip-On Earrings. These kind've reminded me of
these Stella and Dot earrings I have.
Vintage yellow kitchen stool. This thang is in pretty rough shape.
I didn't think there was any hope until I saw this tutorial (pic below)from
Erin at Baby Let's Play House.
My faith is completely restored. Thank you Erin!
Kitchen stool redo from Erin at Baby Let's Play House.
Black chair.
Chippy stools.
Antique window pane. Inspired to do this or this.

My collection of thrifted goods has now spilled over from the basement to our garage. Yikes. I'm bordering hoarder status.

I took some time this week to start organizing the madness, and I felt like I was in therapy -- forced to face my addiction. My "to be painted" pile is what really slapped me in the face.

So, I have no other choice but to take that pile head-on and slap it back. I'm comin' for ya pile. Me, my paint brush and my DIY chalk paint. We'll see YOU in the garage!

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  1. You kill me with your amazing finds!!!!!!! Love, love, love! I especially love the scale. And the tags. And the stools...

    ...and the window...


    1. Thanks Rachel! Hoping to figure out something fun to do with all this stuff!

  2. So many wonderful goodies! My absolute favorite is the horse lamp!

  3. I feel the same way when I organize all my thrift store finds, except it's my closet that's overflowing, not the garage! These finds are all so great! You're inspiring me to expand my thrifting habits beyond the wardrobe. I love your blog so much. :)

    Can't wait to see what you do with some of this!


  4. I am blown away after every sale. Geez! I'll have a paint party with you! You can force me to finish the random finds in my basement.

    1. Just finished cleaning out all my STUFF today and the "to be painted" pile is re-donk-ulous! I am going to look at my calendar and send you some dates shortly. Bring on the paint!

  5. Awesome! Love that scale and the chairs are cute too.

    1. Thanks Debbie! And thank you for hosting the newbie party :)

  6. the vintage stool is my favorite!!

    1. I know, me too! And can you believe those before/after pics from Erin?! I will be lucky if mine turns out as cute as hers!

  7. You made some amazing finds! I would never get that lucky. I love the mason jars and the tins and the tags and the......LOL

  8. Wow! That was the leftover stuff? Some amazing finds. LOl...I grew up with a few of those "vintage" things.

  9. man.. you really have some good luck. All I find is old stuffed animals and yucky stuff.

  10. Really great finds. Love the horse lamp! I would go with the matte black if it was going in my living room. ;-)

  11. All those wonderful pieces. You did very well.

  12. Hi! I am your newest follower through the newbie party, and I am an estate sale addict!!! You scored big time. Love those vintage earrings. I would love to have you join me at Life on Lakeshore Drive.


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