Owl and Stool

I finally have order in the basement and garage! After A LOT of organizing and cleaning (and 27 cups of coffee) I now know everything I have... and everything that needs to be done. My project list is loooooong, like really long, like a spreadsheet-with-multiple-tabs-long (D would be so proud!).

I miraculously got both boys down for a nap at the same time the other day and I used every second to paint and sand... and paint and sand... and paint and sand. While one thing was drying I was painting something else. I'll admit it, I was pretending I was on an HGTV DIY-challenge. And I totally won.

Here are two of the projects I finished:

Fun little yellow stool (usually yellow stool is not fun) and a turquoise owl. Done and done.

I stopped at a few garage sales (and trash heaps) this week and I am REALLY excited about a few of my finds. Pics coming soon...

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  1. Wow, those turned out great! The owl is sooo cute!