Increasing my PINcentage with a Sassed Up Mason Jar

I have  879 pins on my Pinterest account.

Of those 879 I have actually made maybe 4 things. Do you know what percentage that is?

Neither do I. 

But it's gotta be like .003%. (I'm getting a calculator right now to see if I am ANYWHERE within the ballpark....





It was .0045%!!!!! So  close! My math skills must be getting better with age. (Click here to laugh).

I did TWO more projects today so that leaves me with a current PINcentage of .0068%.

This painted mason jar idea was a pin from  Simple Craft Diaries. Thank you Simple Craft Diaries, I lalalalalove this!

I started out by spraypainting the outside of the jar black (maybe 2-3 coats). After that dried I used a basic foam brush to paint on the turquoise. I just used the $1/bottle craft paint. I let that dry overnight, then went at it the next day with some sandpaper. I have no idea what grit I used, but they were pretty soft (not too rough). 

 I wiped off the dust and got to work on the yellow and white felt flower. I pretty much followed this tutorial from Maize Hutton. Thank you Maize. This was so easy!

I LOVED the addition of the flower, but also thought the jar looked cute without the flower. Rather than gluing the flower to the twine, I used a pin so I could take it on/off as I please. It even allows me to use the flower on something else If I so choose. So versatile, I know. 

Which do you like better? With flower or without? 

For now I think I'll keep the flower.

So how about you? What's your PINcentage?


  1. That is really, really, really cute...and my PINcentageis zero! lol Did you spray anything over the craft paint to protect it? Polyurethane or anything? xo Diana

  2. Laughing out loud about your newly coined "PINcentage!" LOVE it!! I'm off to calculate mine!

    SOOO happy that you l really loved my jars and made some for yourself as well! I gotta say it is gorgeous, soooo summer and bright! I LOVE the flower , but I known it is cute without it too!

    Love the twine, colour, every thing! and yes, make many many more!!
    Will link up this over my blog! So glad to have "inspired" someone and also helping your "pincentage" hah alive this! you known my pincentage is 0.0000 something as well, but the plans to make stuff are 100% lol


  4. Haha so funny and true! My Pincentage would probably be a whole lot worse than yours! Love how the mason jar turned out...super cute!

  5. This is so cute! My hubby and I just got hitched, and you’d be surprised the stash of mason jars we have now that we’ve combined stuff! On top of figuring out things to do with the jars, I’ve been looking for cute plant holders to liven up my office at Dish. I think my search is over! Thanks for including instructions with pictures too. It’s so frustrating when blogs only contain vague steps. I’m the type of person that needs instructions, so I usually end up getting my project ideas from HGTV or DIY Network. I can record the projects and then replay a step when I inevitably get confused! Fortunately, I have the Hopper DVR with loads of recording space to accommodate my many project aspirations. DIY is an addiction! LOL! Thanks again for the great post.

  6. That jar is awesome! My percentage would be very low too, but hey, a girl can dream!

  7. Love the colour of this jar! Great vintage turquoise!
    Have a nice day
    Regards from Italy

  8. This is absolutely stunning!!! So shabby-chic, I love it! My vote is with the flower, too :)

  9. Just love this!! Great job. New follower of your blog!! Hope you'll come and visit me at too.

  10. That is so pretty! I'm going to pin this and see if I can increase my "pincentage" which I'm sure is close to yours! :)

  11. Super cute :) Thanks so much for partying with us over at LLR ! Hope to see you again this week. Hugs!

  12. Sheesh. We're actually supposed to make some of that stuff?