7 Days of Somethings: Day 5

I'm tired.

I am tempted to go crawl into bed right now...

But instead, I'll grab a Diet Coke and share with you my Somethings from 3 garage sales last week. 

ANOTHER cast iron car!!!!!! Now I have one for both boys!!
 (Sorry Gretch, I know you liked that other one I got. I'll keep an eye out for more!)
Ahhh - I just love this! And he looks so cute next to C's vintage sports stuff.
Green jar with lid.
Aluminum watering can. Farmhouse vintage!
Bright yellow book with pink page edges. I used this book in the stack that
was on the little black table from Day 4.
Beware solicitors!
More rugs. All seem clean and in good shape!
Vintage snarkiness.
2 galvanized steel tubs. The perfect home for some small Christmas trees I got.


  1. What great, great finds! WOW! I love that old car! xo Diana

  2. Love that car! Great find! And those galvanized tubs!!! :-)

  3. Oh! I love everything you've found BUT most especially--the car, the laughing sign, and the rug :)

  4. I just discovered you via Debbie Doos shout out, and I love your style! If there is one thing I love to read about, it's the curbside finds and garage sale treasures. I'm going to enjoy following this blog. I. Just. Know. It.

  5. I found you from Deb's, boy you sure find neat stuff! I love the green jar because that is slowly becoming my fav color! I'm a new follower and hope you stop by when you have the time♥


  6. Cute rugs! Thanks for sharing with the newbie party. Please remember to add my link to your posts...thanks honey!

    1. Ahhhh - so sorry Debbie -- total brain fart! Links added!

  7. What cute items you found while out thriftn'...thanks for sharing at my party.


  8. Damn right I'm good in bed.
    I can sleep for days.

    I love it.

    That's a pretty cool door mat.

  9. That book... so cool! Great finds, again. Just so ya know, I am your newest follower :) I think your blog is fantastic!