7 Days of Somethings: Day 4

The other night I had big plans -- I was going to meet up with the couch, watch a little RHofOC, stalk some blogs, and snort some Pinterest. Just as I was about to hit the couch I remembered I forgot to get cash out of the ATM for the babysitter, which I needed first thing in the morning. Ughhhhhhhhh. Why?!!! Why now I ask?!!

So, I peeled myself up and headed out to the ATM. "If only it was trash night," I thought, "then at least I might find something that would make up for my having to miss RHofOC."

**Personal note here** I don't make plans to go out driving on trash night to collect stuff. Buuuuut... if it happens to be trash night, and I happen to be out driving, then I may take a few "wrong" turns to scope out some treasures.

It's wasn't trash night on my side of town...

BUT IT WAS in the neighborhood where my ATM is!!

A few wrong turns, and I got what every girl needs.... A little black table:

This table was out in the trash with a bunch of other items -- all with price tags on them. Poor garage sale leftovers. You are not going to believe what the price was on this...

Yes, you are seeing that correctly. $90!!!!!! Or wait, am I reading that wrong and it actually says "-06?"

NO way, it's $90!

I've been looking for a table to go with my two wooden toddler chairs, and this one might just work.
C liked it!

I missed my RHofOC, but if I had to guess, I'm sure Brooks would think this table was "TheBomb.com."

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  1. Debbie sent me over here and I am so glad she did! You are hilarious. I was reading this and thinking.....that sounds exactly like my night! And please tell me that you think Vicki has gone off the deep end.


    Have a great day rock star!


  2. You are seriously killing me with all your wonderful finds! ;)I love reading your posts.


  3. great find love that table
    today i gave you the liebster award on my blog come see

  4. lovely table! and it is perfect for the kiddos :)

  5. What a lucky treasure - I love little kids tables!! Popping over from the Newbie Party & a new follower. Jane

  6. Adorable! I am also checking in from the Newbie Party... super love your find! Congrats!!

    Denise@ buttonsandwhimsy.com