7 Days of Somethings: Day 3

It was a Saturday morning. I had my coffee, I had baby N, and I had 2 hours to get my thrift on. I headed to a multi-street sale one city over that D's cousin Maggie had told me about. 

It started to lightly drizzle as we drove over, but I was not to be deterred! We got there right at 9am and there were professionally made signs pointing the way. This was legit!

I slowly made my way down the first, long street looking for some activity.


No crowded street parking. No tents. No Balloons.

Did I get the date wrong?

Was this a womp of a sale and no houses were participating?

I slowed to check the date on one of the signs and it was indeed correct.

Determined, I kept driving and finally stumbled upon the first sale.

It was mostly kids stuff. No special treasures, but I got some shorts and PJs for the boys.

I was not feeling optimistic. We were practically at the end of the street and I could only see 2 other sales.

We strolled by the first one and they literally had one card table with a few items on it. Booooo! I started to walk by, but then Voice in My Head started talking and said "Don't judge a book by it's cover... "

Voice in my Head tends to be pretty smart so I strolled baby N up the driveway to check out the few items on the card table. Mostly hand-made jewelry and some random trinkets. We turned to walk away when I noticed they had stuff up on their back porch as well. And by "stuff" I mean these AWESOME VINTAGE STOOLS!!!

The guy said that these were his parents and they were from the 60s. Aren't they AMAZING!!! I unfortunately don't have anywhere to use them in our current house but we'll be moving in a few years... We don't really have the room to store them until then, but I'm just not sure I can part with these.

I also got these old film reels which would make cool decoration in a guy's office or in a movie room.

Optimism RESTORED!

I picked up a couple neat things at the next sale...

Leather stamping kit. Not sure if I'll actually do any leather stamping, but I
might use the metal letters for decoration.

Vintage pasta can.
Ball mason jar with lid.
The last sale was a huge mix of grandma's vintage wares and her granddaughter's cute clothes and decorations.
Never worn, Gianni Bini moccasins in my size!
Vintage juice pitcher.
Black wire basket.
Vintage scrolling wall calendar. I can't wait to paint
this and give it a little makeover!
2 hours -- not too shabby.  Of course as I drove back down the long street to leave, about 10 other houses had finally joined the sale. I did my slow, creepy drive-by, but nothing was worth unbuckling N from his seat. Plus Voice in My Head said "enough. go home now." After leading me to those chairs, I'll do whatever VMH tells me!

Thanks to Maggie for telling me about this sale!!

And that'll do it for day 3! Have a fabulous Tuesday.


  1. Cute, cute, cute, Katie. I love your finds and I am your newest follower. Found you through Debbie-Doo- Hugs~ Diana

  2. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    My parents had those bar stools in the 70s! Great finds!

  3. Great finds... love tagging along to junk on the net ;) I don't spend any money and get all the thrills :) Super finds!!

  4. I grew up in a home with barstools just like those. Popping in from Debbiedoos.

  5. Awesome finds! Found you through the Newbie Spotlight Party and now I'm following! You find some GREAT stuff!!!

  6. Stopping over from your newbie feature. Looks to me like you have an eye to spot great finds!


  7. Love your blog! I am here via Debbie Doos. Newest follower!

  8. Via Debbie Doo's new followers....and you are right on....the bandwagon...fun with you finds.upholstry is easy and you can do it.....

  9. Saw you featured over at Debbie's and I came back to say hi. I am your latest follower. I host a party each week (going on right now) which I would love for you to join.

  10. Glad to see you made some new friends via the spotlight!

  11. My grandparents had those same stools my entire life. They are comfy and solid! I saw the same stools one other time in a vintage store in San Francisco and I about fell over when I saw the price. Great find! I'm in love with the perpetual calendar and sure hope you share once you've given it a facelift! ;)

  12. Glad you stuck it out...fun finds...love those film reels too :) Laurel