7 Days of Somethings: Day 1

A local church has been promoting their rummage sale on their marquee for well over a month. Every day I drove by and got excitement butterflies when I would read "Rummage Sale" ...Then disappointment followed when I'd read the second line with the dates... several weeks away.

The day finally came. I got up early so we could be there right at 9am. Made my coffee, took cash from D's wallet (cause last I checked, the 287 receipts filling my wallet have no monetary value) and I loaded N up in the car. We could have walked up with the stroller, but duh, that would totally limit what I could buy.

"Doo do da doo. Just minding our business on our way to the rummage sale... then I saw it. Fluorescent pink. A fluorescent pink sign. Slow down.... read it.... Street Sale! What, what, what?! Oh no, think quick! Highly anticipated rummage sale or unknown street sale? ............. (heart racing) ........... (getting short of breath) ............ (tingling in my hands) .........  

"Ok, deep breaths. Be rational I told myself. Stop at the first sale on the street. If you find something good, then the street sale is meant to be...

Thank you Rational Voice in my head. Thank you.

Vintage Croquet Set!!!!!! I've been wanting one of these for C's vintage
sports room and it's perfectly chippy and gorgeous!
Wooden toddler chairs have been on my list for awhile!
Now I need to find a table.
Yellow bar stool. I love most things yellow.
Vintage baseball book.
Don't know for sure, but the seller said this was from Pottery Barn. 
Vintage badminton rackets. And yes, that
is how you spell badminton.
Vintage roller skates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The nicest lady was selling these and she
told me all about her skating days.
Wood letters from the game Word Search. Lots of cute ideas for wood
letters: coasters, artwork sayings for photos, push pins,
jewelry, bunting, and ornaments.
18 points!
Red vintage baseball bat.
Ugly piano bench. I have some visions for this but have no clue
how I'll execute. I'd like to  paint all the wood and re-upholster the cushion
 (even though I've never reupholstered anything in my life).
Thankfully there is tons of inspiration out there like this...
I don't own a piano, but if I did it would look like this!!
 Check out the rest of this room. Pretty amazing before/after transformation.

I hope you enjoyed day 1! Stop back tomorrow to see what treasures I saved from the trash!

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  1. You found some fantastic finds! One of the very first things I ever recovered was a piano bench (pre-blogging days). Super easy! And I love the badminton rackets, croquet set and clock. Really awesome stuff!


  2. Wow, that croquet set it awewome! Was that from the street sale? Did you make it to the church sale? This is going to be fun and I'm looking forward to day 2-6! Oh, that clock is from Pottery Barn, I have two of them...


    1. Yes, the croquet set was at the first house I stopped at for the street sale. That and the pottery barn clock! Never made it to the church rummage sale... my car was pretty packed after the street sale and I had to cut myself off ;)

  3. AnonymousJuly 15, 2012

    Awesome finds! LOVE that piano bench, can't wait to see what you do with it:)

  4. lovely finds, katie!!! sounds like you hit the jackpot :) and cute yellow bench/owl below!

  5. Oh, girl, you scored! A great old croquet set is on my list so I'm super jealous. Is it bad that I only want the balls? If you don't want yours I'll buy them. I'm completely serious. You've got a great eye. The badminton racquets and Word Search letters? Too much fun, for sure!

    1. Hi Shannon - Unforuntately the croquet set did not come with any balls... just an extra mallet head.

  6. I love everything you found! Isn't that turquoise piano beautiful?

  7. Neat scores. LOVE the piano picture, how pretty. Thanks so much for sharing with the newbie party.

  8. You could be my personal shopper because I would have wanted to buy every single thing you did. I have looked for months for a croquet set and this past weekend my husband came home with one from a yard sale he passes on his way to the golf course. Yippee!

  9. Stay tuned..you are my newbie pick of the week. You will be featured tomorrow.

    1. THANK YOU Debbie!!! Lots of great people stopped by from your party :)