330 Swap & Shop

Last month I mentioned this clothes swap that I attended with a few friends. It was coordinated by a group of Akron fashion bloggers and included clothes from over 80 girls! The fee to attend was $5 plus a donation of at least 5 on-trend, high quality clothing items. They provided points for each item donated (based on brand and quality) and then we used our points to "purchase" items at the swap.

Kristina and I were running a few minutes late (my fault!) and I had serious anxiety the entire 30 minute drive. I was envisioning a Black Friday-like crowd of women who were ready to throw down if you got in their way. And of course, if we were late, even just by two minutes, nothing would be left.

We arrived at like 12:01 and people were already shopping!! Ahhh! My heart was racing... let's  get in there, hurry up, walk fast, go, go, go!

To my complete surprise, it was incredibly calm, not too crowded, and there was a ton of sweet-A stuff left. My friends Laura, Lisa and Stacey (sisters) were there already and they each scooped up some gems. Lisa even ended up getting a dress that Laura had donated. Those three could have an awesome swap between themselves... maybe I should suggest that and then wiggle my way in as an honorary 4th sister!

Stacey (owner of Poochie Prints -- check it out!) was looking at this item and was so sweet to give it to me after I practically drooled on it!
One-shoulder lace dress. 
Unfortunately it was a little too tight/short for me to wear as
a dress so I had it hemmed into a shirt. 
This dress has pockets. 'nuf said.
Fitted blazer by Bitten.
Oh these jeans, how I love thee. They are the PERFECT
length, the PERFECT wash, and the PERFECT color.
Unfortunately, I can barely button them. Any 
recommendations on how to stretch out the waist and thighs?
How cute is this Lauren Conrad skirt!
I'm loving high-waisted skirts.This one was
really long on me and a little wide but I loved the pattern
and colors. Plus, it had pockets!
I had it hemmed and taken in a bit. Might just wear it tonight.
In addition to clothes there were also purses, jewelry and scarves. I scooped
up this grey A&E cluch as soon as I spotted it.
....and last but not least, a few bangles.
Can't wait for the next swap. I'm already collecting items for it... and I'm already planning to get there 15 minutes early.


  1. That's so cool! What a great idea and, of course, I love all of your finds.

    1. It was awesome. A ton of work for the girls who put it on I'm sure, but they did an amazing job!