Photo Friday: hey girl

I was greeted with these signs at my desk this morning :)

For my "birthday lunch" they suggested going to some garage sales. Ummmm, yes please! 

We each got some great stuff, but even better than great stuff was being mistaken as the MOM of my co-worker. For reals!! Some guy thought that Kaitlin, my 24ish-year-old co-worker was my daughter. I mean, I suppose I could've had a kid when I was 7 YEARS OLD, but really? Really? You mistake me for her mom? The first thing you assume is that we are mother/daughter? Not sisters!?! Not friends? Not co-workers? Not cousins? Mother/daughter!!!?  

Wow. Happy birthday to me. 

Ryan, get me those chocolates!

Increasing my PINcentage with a Sassed Up Mason Jar

I have  879 pins on my Pinterest account.

Of those 879 I have actually made maybe 4 things. Do you know what percentage that is?

Neither do I. 

But it's gotta be like .003%. (I'm getting a calculator right now to see if I am ANYWHERE within the ballpark....





It was .0045%!!!!! So  close! My math skills must be getting better with age. (Click here to laugh).

I did TWO more projects today so that leaves me with a current PINcentage of .0068%.

This painted mason jar idea was a pin from  Simple Craft Diaries. Thank you Simple Craft Diaries, I lalalalalove this!

I started out by spraypainting the outside of the jar black (maybe 2-3 coats). After that dried I used a basic foam brush to paint on the turquoise. I just used the $1/bottle craft paint. I let that dry overnight, then went at it the next day with some sandpaper. I have no idea what grit I used, but they were pretty soft (not too rough). 

 I wiped off the dust and got to work on the yellow and white felt flower. I pretty much followed this tutorial from Maize Hutton. Thank you Maize. This was so easy!

I LOVED the addition of the flower, but also thought the jar looked cute without the flower. Rather than gluing the flower to the twine, I used a pin so I could take it on/off as I please. It even allows me to use the flower on something else If I so choose. So versatile, I know. 

Which do you like better? With flower or without? 

For now I think I'll keep the flower.

So how about you? What's your PINcentage?

7 Days of Somethings: Day 7

On any given Thursday, Friday or Saturday in the Spring/Summer, it's common to see at least 10-15 garage sale signs along the main roads in my city. It's like a garage sale mecca up in here. You can only imagine how difficult it is for me to drive to work on Friday mornings seeing sign, after sign, after sign... 

It's torture.

You can imagine my excitement when my coworker suggested going to a few sales during lunch. Hells yeah, I'm in!! 

We made it to three sales and I filled her entire trunk and half of her backseat got a few things...

First up, this white wicker trunk that I got for 8 dolla dolla bills ya'll!! 

They were only asking $10 but I mentioned the clasp on the front being broken, offered $8, and she accepted! I was really unsure of how it would look in our bedroom, but for 8 bucks I figured it was worth a shot.

D was still at work when I got home, but I was so anxious to see how it would look that I dragged this huge thang all the way upstairs by myself. I may have knicked a few walls along the way, and broke a serious sweat, but I got it up there and was pretty pleased. It seemed a little big but I was interested to get D's opinion.

We've had it in our room for a week now and every time he walks by he it says "Kate, I mean, this was a really good find. 8 bucks? That's a really good find!"  I think he likes it... 

And if one trunk wasn't enough...

Got this one for only...

you're not going to believe this...

are you ready...


Look at the patina on the handle! Gorge!

I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this one, but when I slid it in front of C's bed, it fit just perfectly!

Doesn't it go great with his vintage sports themed room? I'll be doing a whole post on his room at some point in the future. Stay tuned... 

I didn't fill my co-workers car with just a bunch of wicker trunks. Hard to believe at this point, but it's true. Here are the other Somethings that I gathered:
Wire hen basket.
BIG glass jar
Another big glass jar. I'd like to paint the lid a fun color.
This might be good to fill with craft  supplies like yarn or ribbon.
Wood Frames
White container with handle and slot for label.
Salt and Pepper shakers. 

I think I am going to use this for another one of my cheese domes and turn it into a cloche on a pedestal.
Napkins and placemats. I am at a total loss of words right now for what this pattern is called... Someone help me out here... anyone... Bueller?
This is a whole mismatched set of  blue and white transferware that I found for my friend Gretchen. If I had a business, she'd be my #1 client. I LOVE finding treasures for people. Keep 'em coming Gretch!
For anyone who knows about this stuff (not me!) the makers from these pieces include: Churchill, Salem China Co - Old Staffordshire, Wedgewood and Co, and Silverdale by Swinnertons. Oh, and those 4 large dinner plates are Pier One -- I know them.
Anyone want to see those awesomely cheap wicker trunks again? Ok, me too!

That'll do it for day 7!! 7 Days of Somethings is complete. I think I might need to take a mini bloggy break this week to get some projects off my forever-growing list. Maybe... just maybe I'll come back with "7 days of Somethings I actually turned in to Something!" 

7 Days of Somethings: Day 6

I was a slack-off yesterday. No "Day 6" posting and no "Photo Friday" posting. But it was a busy day; Dentist appointment, then work, then Cleveland Indians game, then sleep for 10 HOURS!! It was an unprecedented morning here in our house -- the boys slept in until 9 o'clock! 

I am well-rested and back at it!

Today we'll be venturing away from garage sales and trash finds and heading into another one of my favorite shopping venues -- the thrift store.

On Thursday I spent the afternoon in Akron having lunch with D then visiting Goodwill Industries to talk about some potential blog posts I might write for them in the future. Exciting stuff!! Of course, after our meeting, I couldn't help but do a little shoppin'! I didn't have a ton of time, but I managed to scoop up these goodies:

Ann Taylor flats, size 6. I'm a size 7 so I sorta feel like the ugly stepsister shoving my foot into these, but I'm  convinced that they'll stretch. That or I will painfully wear them with a smile on my face :)
Gianni Bini gold sandles! Fit perfectly and I already wore
them to work yesterday. GREAT find!! 
Mortons Salt Tin. Looks vintage but I think it's a vintage replication that was probably sold at Home Goods or something.
Another one of these white ironstone vases. Love love! I used one of these on my three-tiered painted table.
Just a little glass jar.
White ironstone-ish utensil holder. I've been wanting to replcae my stainless steel one for awhile. This is perfect!
Wooden picture frame. Looks like there was something glued to this then yanked off. I thought it had some potential...

The next few items came from Goodwill's outlet store. It's connected right to the main Goodwill store, but has a different entrance and checkout. This is digger's paradise!! Everything is super, super cheap, but you have to DIG!

MORE Ball Mason jars. I am stocking up on these for my end of summer sale. Plan to DIY them up to look like these...
via The Simple Craft Diaries
via Whipperberry
via 17 Apart
A little mini cowboy boot. It just made me smile, partner.
Wood crate to be painted and distressed. 
Wood candle holder. Random? Yes. But, I plan to finally start converting my cheese dome collection into something and this is EXACTLY what I needed to do something like this....
Saw these pictures of Enjoy Cupcakes storefront on the Design is Mine blog.
 How cute are these pedestals! I'd like to glue that random wood candlestick to the base of a cheese plate,
paint them a fun color, put something cute on top, then cover them with the
glass dome. Easy peasy. Oh, and how amazing is that wood plank table they are sitting on!
And last are these rustic little stars. After a little google'n I found out that the cast iron one on the left was actually used as reinforcement in brick walls. Could be cute as decoration, affixed to a wreath, or maybe even a little gallery wall of stars. Crap... now I want to start collecting stars.

Day six was a day late, but there you have it.

Day 7, here we come!

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7 Days of Somethings: Day 5

I'm tired.

I am tempted to go crawl into bed right now...

But instead, I'll grab a Diet Coke and share with you my Somethings from 3 garage sales last week. 

ANOTHER cast iron car!!!!!! Now I have one for both boys!!
 (Sorry Gretch, I know you liked that other one I got. I'll keep an eye out for more!)
Ahhh - I just love this! And he looks so cute next to C's vintage sports stuff.
Green jar with lid.
Aluminum watering can. Farmhouse vintage!
Bright yellow book with pink page edges. I used this book in the stack that
was on the little black table from Day 4.
Beware solicitors!
More rugs. All seem clean and in good shape!
Vintage snarkiness.
2 galvanized steel tubs. The perfect home for some small Christmas trees I got.