Somethings: Truck, Ice Skates, Aprons & Flag

A few finds from garage sales both last weekend and this weekend:
So excited about this heavy, metal truck. Can't wait to put this out during the
 holidays with one of my bottle brush Christmas trees in the back. Inspired by
this from Vintage Junk in My Trunk.
Pratt Webb Pie Tin
3 Vintage art prints
Vintage Quaker Oats Tin
Large, wooden, white-washed fish. I have no idea if this right side up
or upside down.
Another pair of white ice skates. These are for you, Gretch! 
Vintage men's skates. Holiday decotation.
Wood crate with rope handles. To be painted.
Folding table. Love the blue color but not the flower
on top. To be painted.
I rarely cook but there's something I love about vintage aprons.
Another apron.
Ralph Lauren plaid dress. Hoping this looks cute
 in the winter with a skinny belt and boots. 
An old candy/nut jar. Another redo like this one is in my future.
Old railway lantern with beautiful chippy patina.
Yellow Bundt Pan. I've never made a bundt (probably never will)
 but yellow is my fave color and I've seen these all over Pinterest
 so at the very least it can make a cute decoration in the kitchen.
Reader's Digest Consensed books. Love the covers!
My neighbor had several boxes of books out with her trash,
so I saved these and several others
One of my favorite finds -- this LOOONG vintage flag.
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  1. LOVE your finds! And I never saw the candy dispenser post! We share the memory for sure :)

  2. Wow all those lovely finds.
    Love the yellow bundt tin too and it sure would look great hung on the wall.

  3. I desperately want the vintage truck and flag...put my name on the price tag - SOLD!!! :-)

  4. Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ice skates. I think I've looked at them 50 times since last night...and have already hung them from my sled. Nothing like getting a jump start on Christmas!!