Photo Friday: Doors & Broken Glass

A few years ago D went to Dublin for a work trip and I was lucky enough to go visit (despite a delayed plane causing me to miss my connection and  get on a flight a day later with a non-reclining middle seat it in the very last row of the plane next to a guy who took off his shoes causing the whole back row to smell like vinegar. No. Joke.)

While D was at work I roamed around the city sightseeing, tchotckes shopping, and picture taking. My SD card was FILLED with shots of colorful doors like these:

I framed all three of these and they've been hanging on our wall, minding their own business for years. I had to take 'em down recently so I could use the wall as a backdrop for a garage-sale-treasures photo shoot, and sure enough, dropped one!

Crud. Now my set of 3 pictures has become a set of 2. Not feng shui at all. I decided I could either buy all new frames (which I would procrastinate doing until  I was forced because guests were coming over), go to home depot and see if they could cut me a piece of glass (do they even do that?), or.... just set it aside and hope it miraculously gets fixed on it's own (sounds about right).

Well, I had myself a little stroke of genius during nap time today and it came in the form of this:

DUH! I have a ton of random garage sale frames in my stash so I decided to see if any of them had the same size glass. This one was a tad smaller, but I made it work! Feng shui back on!

Happy Friday!