I've been "Liebstered"

Thank you to Angela over at Number Fifty-Three for giving me a Liebster nomination. Be sure to stop by her blog and check out some of her great projects like Simple Beachy Flag Tutorial, or Living Room Reveal.

According to Angela (and others), The Liebster award is given to blogs on the rise. Liebster is a German word and means sweetest, kindest, dearest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcomed.

As part of the nomination, I am supposed to share five random facts about myself and then nominate five other bloggers. Here goes:

5 Random Things About Me:

1. I can sing the entire French national anthem, yet if you ask me to list five French words really fast I could probably only come up with four (bonjour, frommage, oui, au revoir....er.... la biblioteque!!). Ok, I did it, five words.

2. I interned at an animal shelter when I was in college. I was in charge of taking photos of all the dogs, posting their picture on the website, and giving them names!

3. One of the dumbest things I've ever done is have a plumber to our house to fix a clogged bath tub only for him to "fix" it by flipping up the drain handle. Seriously. So serious. Not even kidding.

4. I call the TV remote a "Channel Changer"

5. I know how to juggle.

Ok, that only took me an hour!

Five Nominees:

1. The House at Bluebird Lane -- Check out this star-spangled-tastic dresser she did!

2. 49 Dresses -- She always finds the cutest clothes at the thrift store and sometimes refashions them into something even cuter. Like this shirt-to-skirt.

3. UpCountry Olio -- Love this blog! Lynn is such a funny writer and it's so fun to see the amazing transformations she and her husband make to their 1902 farmhouse. You have to see the before/afters of their Butler's Pantry!

4. Grey Lane Home -- Wow, this girl knows how to re-do some furniture! And she has the cutest baby ever.

5. Lil Hoot -- I don't know how many followers she has, but it's probably 200 x 1 thousand. She is totes hilarious and her blog always makes me LOL.

Congratulations ladies!! For those of you nominated. If you're interested in passing the Liebster torch to others, here's what ya do:

1. Post about the the nomination on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. List 5 random things about yourself
4. Present the Liebster award to five bloggers on the rise (with less than 200 followers) who you think deserves to be recognized, then let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Photo Friday: Chippy Boat

Galway Ireland - March 2007

3 Tier Table - Done-zo!

I finally tackled my first furniture painting project -- the three-tier table I got at a garage sale for 3 dolla dolla bills -- one dolla for every tier.

The before picture:

Pretty as is, but I was eager to paint! I've been reading all about the amazingness that is chalk paint; no sanding needed, no priming needed, can be applied to most any surface, works great on furniture, sands well, distresses well, cooks your family dinner, gives the kids a bath...

Everyone who has used it swears by it! Despite all that, I wasn't ready to drop $40 on a quart so instead I tried this easy DIY chalk paint tutorial from I Heart Nap Time. I messed with the measurements a little and did 1 part plaster of paris to 2 parts paint and a little bit of water. It was so easy that the hardest part was just getting to Home Depot to buy the plaster of paris.

I started out by putting on a quick, messy base coat of Tibetan Orange by Behr. This was just going to show through a tiny bit under the white top coat so I wasn't worried about painting it on perfectly. To make sanding easier at the end I added a thin layer of vaseline to a few small spots.

Quick tip for painting the legs -- stick a push pin in the bottom! Tip via Chica and Jo via Pinterest.

Next, I put on the first layer of chalk paint. It went on really thick and very rough looking...

But after lightly sanding it down it was nice and smoooooth.
C was interested in helping me for approximately 8 seconds.
I added one more coat of chalk paint then got serious with my sanding and started to bring through the orange base coat.

Quick review -- start to finish.

The distressing got a lil' crazy  so I ended up having to go back and touch up a few spots with white.  Here it is all done up.

Thrifted pottery barn clock - $1!!! 
Thrifted books - $2. Owl votive - $1.
Thrifted white vase - $3.

Photo Friday: Doors & Broken Glass

A few years ago D went to Dublin for a work trip and I was lucky enough to go visit (despite a delayed plane causing me to miss my connection and  get on a flight a day later with a non-reclining middle seat it in the very last row of the plane next to a guy who took off his shoes causing the whole back row to smell like vinegar. No. Joke.)

While D was at work I roamed around the city sightseeing, tchotckes shopping, and picture taking. My SD card was FILLED with shots of colorful doors like these:

I framed all three of these and they've been hanging on our wall, minding their own business for years. I had to take 'em down recently so I could use the wall as a backdrop for a garage-sale-treasures photo shoot, and sure enough, dropped one!

Crud. Now my set of 3 pictures has become a set of 2. Not feng shui at all. I decided I could either buy all new frames (which I would procrastinate doing until  I was forced because guests were coming over), go to home depot and see if they could cut me a piece of glass (do they even do that?), or.... just set it aside and hope it miraculously gets fixed on it's own (sounds about right).

Well, I had myself a little stroke of genius during nap time today and it came in the form of this:

DUH! I have a ton of random garage sale frames in my stash so I decided to see if any of them had the same size glass. This one was a tad smaller, but I made it work! Feng shui back on!

Happy Friday!

Somethings: Truck, Ice Skates, Aprons & Flag

A few finds from garage sales both last weekend and this weekend:
So excited about this heavy, metal truck. Can't wait to put this out during the
 holidays with one of my bottle brush Christmas trees in the back. Inspired by
this from Vintage Junk in My Trunk.
Pratt Webb Pie Tin
3 Vintage art prints
Vintage Quaker Oats Tin
Large, wooden, white-washed fish. I have no idea if this right side up
or upside down.
Another pair of white ice skates. These are for you, Gretch! 
Vintage men's skates. Holiday decotation.
Wood crate with rope handles. To be painted.
Folding table. Love the blue color but not the flower
on top. To be painted.
I rarely cook but there's something I love about vintage aprons.
Another apron.
Ralph Lauren plaid dress. Hoping this looks cute
 in the winter with a skinny belt and boots. 
An old candy/nut jar. Another redo like this one is in my future.
Old railway lantern with beautiful chippy patina.
Yellow Bundt Pan. I've never made a bundt (probably never will)
 but yellow is my fave color and I've seen these all over Pinterest
 so at the very least it can make a cute decoration in the kitchen.
Reader's Digest Consensed books. Love the covers!
My neighbor had several boxes of books out with her trash,
so I saved these and several others
One of my favorite finds -- this LOOONG vintage flag.
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I'm a Fan: Greek Yogurt

I had plain-flavored Greek Yogurt one time...  Not a fan. I decided several months ago to give Greek Yogurt another chance, but this time a flavored version.

The honey-flavored Oikos Greek Yogurt by Dannon is straight-up my favorite food right now. I just had some and felt compelled to write a post about it.

I usually don't get much of a reaction out of D when I've built something up to be really good and then have him taste it. It's usually "eh, it's ok, it's not that great."  But he had a bite of this and enthusiastically agreed that it was really good.

If you haven't tried it yet, you MUST pick a few up next time you're at the grocery store. Let me know what you think!

Nautical Gallery Wall

I love taking pictures but I'm a picture-printing-procrastinator. I've bought several Groupons for photo books -- they've expired. I have picture frames on display in our house -- they're filled with models and their model children.

I am allergic to printing pictures.

If it weren't for my mom begging me to print her some pictures of the boys I probably would have left all these frames blank for at least a year or two... or until we moved, at which point I would've convinced myself it was a smart idea to leave them empty because it helps when the potential buyer can envision their own family in the house. Just bein' smart.

Last summer I started collecting nautical-themed items for N's room. The first was this Welcome sign that I re-painted using this technique. I decided not to distress it because several other pieces for the wall were distressed and I wanted it to be a mix of clean and weathered.

I found this piece of artwork (along with 2 others) at a garage sale. I already had so many anchors/oars/etc. so I yanked the rope and life preserver off and just painted it red and did some light distressing.

This frame was a fun re-do. I lost the before picture but it was just an ugly old brown frame. I white-washed it using basic $1 craft paint then wrapped the sides in rope. I used a strand of the rope and some misc. fabric to make the pennants (or bunting, or flags, or whatever these are called!)

Although I wish I could say the oar was an amazing garage sale find, sadly, it was not. Although, it was a pretty great Home Goods find considering it was the only one they had and it was buried under a bunch of broken junk in the clearance aisle. Certainly not placed there by accident. I am all too familiar with that move. Nice try fellow oar-wanter, but you can't hide stuff from me!

The oar was $14.99 and originally had turquoise stripes, but I repainted them red.

This large white frame (with this cute chubby-cheek babes) was a brown wooden frame that I just painted white.

And that chincy wheel-frame-presever chain thing is just what it looks like. I needed something for the right side that was tall and skinny and this was all I could come up with. Boo. Need to find a replacement for it.

So a quick step-by-step for a gallery wall:

Step 1: Lay out your design on the floor.

Step 2: Measure the layout and determine if it will fit  in the space on your wall.

Step 3: If layout won't work, re-arrange. I ended up removing the white frame and anchor from the left side and ended up with this:

Step 4: Trace all your pieces on newspaper (*see tip below about this), cut out the shapes, and arrange on your wall. This idea courtesy of Before Meets After (found on Pinterest).
I ended up having to move the group down three times! I still think it's a little too high, but whatev. An important *tip* I learned here would be to use magazine paper INSTEAD of newspaper. Smudges galore:

Step 5: Hang pictures. I used 3M Command Strips when possible.

Step 6 (the hardest step): Get pictures printed.

Step 7 (also a hard step): Place pictures in frames.

Start to Finish:

Vintage Pepsi crate

Pretty happy with the results. I think one more oar along the bottom, flipped the opposite way would make it perfect (oh, and finding a replacement for the chain-o-nautical-stuff). I'll need to head back to Home Goods and see if the oar-wanter has any new hiding places.

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