Somethings: Withdrawl

This past Sunday I put myself on a self-imposed thrifting ban for the week until I completed two projects. No going out to garage sales, estate sales, or rummage sales until these projects were complete. Period.

...And that's when I logged on to Craigs List! I snuck around my own self-imposed ban by thrifting from the comfort of my own couch. "I'll just browse a little," I thought to myself. "Browsing never hurt any-- Oh, this is a cute stool. That's all they're asking for it? They live right near me. Oh, I'll just send a quick email and see if it's still available. I'm totally not cheating on my ban. This is different. Oh and look at this wicker chair. This would be perfect at the top of our stairs. Just one more quick email to see if it's still available... "

I was in withdrawl... and it was only Monday.

I of course ended up getting BOTH the stool and the wicker chair.

Today, Thursday was the biggest challenge. All those garage sale signs taunting me as I ran errands. "Come on, just follow my arrows and take a quick look" they said to me. Ok, maybe I'll just drive by and see if there is anything within sight that is worthy of cheating on my ban for. I literally drove by a sale at 2 MPH trying to scan every square inch of that garage. Thankfully the boys were asleep in the car so I had no choice but to go home. I stopped at neighbor Kristina's (my fellow garage sale addict) to drop something off and of course she had already been to the sale. I made her tell me everything that was there. It was torture.

So, I came home and put the boys in bed. I HAD to finish a project. There was no way I was going to miss out on more garage sales this weekend. One project down, one to go. The gallery wall in Nolan's room is mine!

Ok, now to the pictures. The stool was a leftover from an estate sale I believe so I knew they were ready to just get rid of it so I got it for CHEAP! There are some tears on the seat so I'll need to figure out how to cover it, but it was a good little find.
They even had a bunch of stuff out with the trash. I'll certainly help myself to this vintage wooden bench...
...and these old sewing desk drawers. I almost took the whole desk, but thought that was a little intense considering I don't own a sewing machine (yet).
Sewing desk drawers. No clue what to do with these. Please advise.

And here's the wicker chair. Got this dirt cheap too -- only $7. I'm going to buy a new cushion for it and make a sitting area at the top of our steps, even though D much prefers the ironing board that currently resides there. 

If I ever do another thrifting ban I'll need to remove the Craigs List app from my phone.

I was curious to see if there was some type of clinical name (other than hoarder) for people obsessed with thrifting. I never found out, but I did come across this article Treasure Hunt... Or Deep, Dark, Obsession? and had a very good laugh.


  1. If someone can figure out a way to make the ironing board look fashionable please let me know so I don't need to replace it with that wicker chair.

  2. Oh wow, I'm so glad I found your blog! Lol. I too am *obsessed* with thrifting. Scouring for treasures, especially vintage ones, never gets tiring to me! If you like, you can stop by my blog here to see some of the things I've found:

    1. Hi Marty- glad we crossed paths! I am your newest follower :) I can't believe all that amazing stuff you got from the free boxes. Insane!

  3. Hi there! I just pinned a photo the other day of boxes (insert your drawers- painted) hung on a wall with green plants in them. 4 or 5 in a vertical row. Super cute!!

  4. I have milk glass look as if lettets G I UNDER POND'S