Somethings: Mirror & Sled

Thrifting over Memorial Day weekend was at a minimum. I stopped at one sale on Thursday for the purpose of getting the boys some clothes. They really need tshirts and shorts --none of which were for sale -- so of course I bought them sweatpants that they don't need. I also got these cute frog embroidered khakis from Gymboree that are too small for N but were way too cute (and cheap) to pass up. (Laur, these are headed straight for my Baby J bag).

Other than these pants, everything else was pretty basic. Lots of kids stuff -- clothes, toys, car seats, high chairs, crib mattress... Nothing unique or vintage... nothing except for...

...wait for it...'s really good...

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!?!? It's really heavy and has lots of nice details and I am in love with the color! Not sure if the bright yellow will actually work in our house -- we'll see. Might need a repaint, but either way, this was my one, great find for the weekend.

Even though I had no other plans to go g-sale'n the rest of the weekend, I still managed to score one more great find thanks to my mom. She went to a neighborhood sale with her girlfriends and texted me pictures of stuff she knew I'd like. It was great! She ended up getting me this little wooden sled. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it's big enough that both kids could sit in it together. I can't tell if it's old/vintage but it's in good shape and will be SO PERFECT for the holidays. Thanks Mom!

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  1. Those pants are adorable! And that mirror. THAT mirror!

  2. That sled is adorable. It would make a great decoration piece in the winter.
    Karen G

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