Somethings: Decor, Cards, Magazines

Who was I kidding? Banning myself from garage sales and estate sales for a week? Impossible. Here are my "somethings" from the weekend -- favorites at the end :)

Bronze(?) Pot with a little bit of patina.

2 glass bottles for decoration

A blue and white patterned napkin and 2 hot pads. I'm thinking the hot pads could be good as wall art.

Anchor for N's room. This might be a paint project.

Mini Christmas photo frame ornaments. Got about 12 of these.

Clear glass bulbs that can be filled with anything. I'm going to try and squeeze some buttle brush Christmas trees through that little opening and make something like this.

Burlap bucket.

Nautical frame. I liked the weathered-ness of  the frame and was thinking I could paint over the scene, maybe add some rope trim along the edges.

CUTE vintage greeting cards. Ever since I found those vintage Valentine cards I'm on the hunt for more. I think these would be such cute decoration if framed and hung in a baby's room.

More vintage cards. These had great, bright colors.

2 wooden/glass sconces. Paint project.

I believe this is a shoe rack, and although I could use something like this for my shoes, I have other  plans for it. 

FAVORITE FIND! Life Magazine from December 6, 1963 featuring JFK's funeral.
FAVORITE FIND! Life Magazine from November 29, 1963 featuring JFK's life. 
These magazines were a find that even D enjoyed! Of course he found all the old news articles interesting, but I loved the ads and old logos. Here are a few faves:

Max Factor Mascara.

Bahhh! Oh how times have changed.

Take note of the baby on the right side of the page.
Cushion Floor is so soft that your baby can bang their head against it.
 There were so many great ads/logos that these magazines might be deserving of a seperate post.

Goal for the week is to finish the gallery wall in N's room.


  1. Love the treasures you found! The vintage cards are too too cute. Love the bright colors and whimsical illustrations.

  2. Those ads are awesome. If Marge was truly considerate she'd be rubbing his feet. Marge is so selfish.

    1. So selfish. And seriously, that's all she did from 4:30-6? Slacker. She was probably drinkin' daquiris all day.

  3. More treasurers, I can't wait to see what you make with the shoe rack, lots of possibilities!

    1. I don't know for sure yet, but there might be some spray paint in it's future :) Are you going to the German Village garage sale this weekend? I won't be making it down but can't wait to hear all about it if you go!

  4. I love the bucket and the shoe rack can't wait to see what you do with it! Is the bucket an ice bucket? Thanks for sharing at Cap Creations. this weeks link up is now live. have a great weekend.

  5. Great collection, I love those sconces!

  6. Love the ads! Any plans for them? Please share if they turn into anything, I have a whole box of old newspaper ads just like these I inherited from my mother who is an auction/estate sale addict :-)

  7. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    The "Life" magazine find is amazing. It sells for $10-$19. I am actually in the crowd as the President's cortege enters the cemetery, on the page that says, "On a hill in Arlington came the final salutes." I still remember hearing the horse's hooves on the pavement, and the crowd, though large, was completely silent. It was a cold, clear day, and I was only 8, but was deeply saddened.