Somethings: A Lotta Lamps

I went to one rummage sale and two estate sales this past week.

Like last week, I have two favorite finds. The first is this lantern lamp that I got from the rummage sale:

N's room is nautical-themed so the second I saw this I made a bee-line for it. The sticker said $4 (so cheap!). Even better,as soon as I touched it I heard a deep voice say "I'll give it to you for $3." I turned to see this old guy cleaning dishes in the church kitchen. "My neighbor Joe made that. Still works. Tell the girls up front that Chuck said you could have it for $3." Well ok Chuck, I'll do that!

I got a few other things at the sale including some scrap fabric, a milk glass pedestal planter, few National Geographic books (good for stacking on shelves), a cute tin, a ball of orange yarn and two bird paintings. I was thinking of painting over the birds and using these to make some signs, but the birds are kinda growing on me.

Favorite find #2 came from an estate sale around the corner from my house. It was the last day of the sale and they were practically giving stuff away. I snagged this lamp for one dolla dolla bill ya'll. I've seen so many great lamp makeovers and I've been wanting to give it a try myself, so for $1 I can have at it.
Along with the lamp I got a yellow checkered tablecloth, a vintage dustpan, a vintage plaid thermos, a 1975 orange Corning bowl and a long gold necklace.

Last was this estate sale I came across on Craigslist. They had this picture posted and I really liked the wicker chair as a possible replacement for the rocking chair in Nolan's room.

I loved it, but they were asking $50. I was hoping for something more in the $20-$30 but they weren't willing to go down on the price. I left my name and number in case they weren't able to sell it, but they haven't called me. :( I ended up getting a few little things -- another old racket, a vintage travel scrabble set, a glass jar w/ lid, and two bundles of raffia paper twist

I am putting myself on a self-imposed thrifting ban this upcoming week while I work on finishing two projects; the gallery wall in N's room and my dresser area re-do. If I finish those, I'll treat myself to a garage sale or two... or five :)

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  1. Those were great lamps, I enjoy seeing the stuff you get but I love the sTories behind the purchase. My husband says I love Craiglist for the thrill of the hunt( he might be a little correct ). I did some yard saling and purchased some chandelier lamp shades that I recovered already , I would love for you to check them out.

    1. I did and they are great! I now want a chandelier just so I can make cute lamp shade covers.

  2. Oh wow you found such great items. Chuck hooked you up on that lamp! Absolutely love it and many of your other items. Gonna feature you on the blog tomorrow sometime, thanks for joining us at cap creations.

    1. Gotta love Chuck :) LOL. I am beyond excited to hear that I'll be on your blog tomorrow!!! I'm a newbie blogger so this is scrapbook-worthy for me!

      I noticed that you sell stuff on Etsy. I've been toying with the idea... And recommendations?

    2. You know, I am new to selling my vintage stuff on etsy. I don't really have a lot to share about doing so. Just jump in and try it I guess, that's what I'm doing. I think your prices have to be affordable otherwise you'll have a shop full of stock that's not selling. If things are not selling after awhile I'll go in and lower prices.

  3. Love the lamps, but I think my favorite thing is the eggnog tin -- it's just so cute! Great blog, too -- I'll ve following from now on!