Somethings: Mirror & Sled

Thrifting over Memorial Day weekend was at a minimum. I stopped at one sale on Thursday for the purpose of getting the boys some clothes. They really need tshirts and shorts --none of which were for sale -- so of course I bought them sweatpants that they don't need. I also got these cute frog embroidered khakis from Gymboree that are too small for N but were way too cute (and cheap) to pass up. (Laur, these are headed straight for my Baby J bag).

Other than these pants, everything else was pretty basic. Lots of kids stuff -- clothes, toys, car seats, high chairs, crib mattress... Nothing unique or vintage... nothing except for...

...wait for it...'s really good...

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!?!? It's really heavy and has lots of nice details and I am in love with the color! Not sure if the bright yellow will actually work in our house -- we'll see. Might need a repaint, but either way, this was my one, great find for the weekend.

Even though I had no other plans to go g-sale'n the rest of the weekend, I still managed to score one more great find thanks to my mom. She went to a neighborhood sale with her girlfriends and texted me pictures of stuff she knew I'd like. It was great! She ended up getting me this little wooden sled. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it's big enough that both kids could sit in it together. I can't tell if it's old/vintage but it's in good shape and will be SO PERFECT for the holidays. Thanks Mom!

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Lesson Learned: The Squishy Pillow

If carefully planned and executed, I can get both boys down for a nap at the same time. Today; execution complete. I had big plans for these 2 hours -- do laundry, check email, straighten the house, send a card, call C's school, finish some projects and maybe a quick minute an hour on Pinterest.

Went to the start the laundry and was greeted with this:
Do you see all those little white dots? Those are the beads from a pillow that Ex. plo. ded. Exploded! Millions of little white pieces ALL over the boys' clothes. And to boot, this was one of those loads where I shoved in way more than I should have, and probably put in things (like said pillow) that I shouldn't have.

I took a deep breath.

Walked upstairs.

Considered throwing all the clothes away and getting a new washer.

Knew that was irrational so considered taking a nap and forgetting this ever happened.

Felt guilty taking a nap, so got a diet coke, said farewell to my Big Plans, took another deep breath, grabbed a trash bag, and attempted to save clothes and washer.

Cleaning method of choice: VIGOROUS shaking. It took forever, but slowly I built my pile of clean, bead-free clothing. Clothes with pockets were the worst! I was never a fan of shorts with fake-looking pockets until today.
In the end there was only one casualty -- a pair of mesh shorts that sucked thousands of beads into it's interior lining and wouldn't release them no matter how vigorous my shaking.

As for the washer, I used my dust buster to suck up all beads in sight. I then ran it through an empty cycle and I'm pretty sure it's ok. We'll find out during the next load of laundry.

Lesson Learned: Don't wash squishy pillows that are filled with white beads. They may explode.

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day 2011 - Chagrin Falls, Oh

Somethings: Tea Cart, Table, Trees

I've had a jogging stroller for 3 years. Love it for walking. Never actually "jogged" with it until yesterday... when I saw a garage sale sign and 2 large, white, windowless vans heading from the direction of the sale. Some people think creeper vans, but not me. Oh no, they're not creepin', they're driving away with garage sale items that I could have bought!  My mind starts racing, "Ahhh, hurry hurry hurry, run run run, before anyone else gets all the good stuff!" And good thing I did because looksey what I got!
Gold and glass tea cart. Favorite find of the weekend! Can't decide if I should leave it gold or paint it. I kinda want to paint it.
3 tier corner table. Definitely will be painted.
This is a large, wooden, Hamms Beer Sign.  Plan to paint this and add a message or quote. Something like this from Corner House Blog. Or this one from DIY Network that I am obsessed with!
Thankfully D was out running errands and was able to swing by and stick this all in the trunk for me so I didn't have to wheel and drag it home.

I also went to an estate sale. In my car. No jogging involved.
Ball Mason Jars
Frame with some nice detail in the corners. To be painted.
Orange and olive green lotus bowls.
Yellow dish towel.
Bottle Brush Christmas Trees galore! So happy.
Block Ornaments
3 strands of Wood Bead Garland
And last but not least are a few items from 2 garage sales that Kristina and I stopped at after we had already been thrifting for an hour at a clothing swap called The 330 Swap & Shop. (Thanks for the invite, Laur!) It was a fun event -- separate post to come on that. 
Bocce Balls. Need to figure out something to do with these in C's vintage sports room. Any ideas?

Ice skates to use as decoration during the holidays. (Totally stealing this idea from my friend Gretchen.) I wish they were a little more vintage looking. Something like this. Maybe a little brown shoe polish will do the trick.
2 milk glass lamps. Love.
Heavy wood owl. This guy's got some spray paint coming his way.

Somethings: Decor, Cards, Magazines

Who was I kidding? Banning myself from garage sales and estate sales for a week? Impossible. Here are my "somethings" from the weekend -- favorites at the end :)

Bronze(?) Pot with a little bit of patina.

2 glass bottles for decoration

A blue and white patterned napkin and 2 hot pads. I'm thinking the hot pads could be good as wall art.

Anchor for N's room. This might be a paint project.

Mini Christmas photo frame ornaments. Got about 12 of these.

Clear glass bulbs that can be filled with anything. I'm going to try and squeeze some buttle brush Christmas trees through that little opening and make something like this.

Burlap bucket.

Nautical frame. I liked the weathered-ness of  the frame and was thinking I could paint over the scene, maybe add some rope trim along the edges.

CUTE vintage greeting cards. Ever since I found those vintage Valentine cards I'm on the hunt for more. I think these would be such cute decoration if framed and hung in a baby's room.

More vintage cards. These had great, bright colors.

2 wooden/glass sconces. Paint project.

I believe this is a shoe rack, and although I could use something like this for my shoes, I have other  plans for it. 

FAVORITE FIND! Life Magazine from December 6, 1963 featuring JFK's funeral.
FAVORITE FIND! Life Magazine from November 29, 1963 featuring JFK's life. 
These magazines were a find that even D enjoyed! Of course he found all the old news articles interesting, but I loved the ads and old logos. Here are a few faves:

Max Factor Mascara.

Bahhh! Oh how times have changed.

Take note of the baby on the right side of the page.
Cushion Floor is so soft that your baby can bang their head against it.
 There were so many great ads/logos that these magazines might be deserving of a seperate post.

Goal for the week is to finish the gallery wall in N's room.

Milk Glass Jewelry Display & Dresser Top Makeover

My goal was to finish two projects this week:

1) Dresser area and jewelry display.
2) Gallery wall in N's room.

 I'm proud to say I finished 1.734. Dresser area and jewelry display. Check!

My dresser area was orginally a hodge podge of mismatched stuff and my jewelry box was overflowing (unfortunately not with diamonds). Proof:

It was time for a fresh new look. I wanted the area to be light and bright, but I couldn't paint the dresser (boo.) so I started scavenging around the house looking for things that were white. Luckily I have a love of milk glass and have collected quite a few pieces over the last year. I grouped them all together and used them as new storage/display for my jewelry:

After making the jewelry display I still had a few other pieces of milk glass left over so I paired them with my lamp and put them all together on the opposite side of the dresser. My 50 cent garage sale bird certainly has the spotlight!

Last thing I needed was something for the center of the dresser area. Back to the basement to scavenge for some more stuff. The 2 small white frames came came from TJ Maxx (a few years ago), everything else is from garage sales. I found the the 3 large white frames in a "free" box. The orange striped fabric is a hand  towel that was 50 cents, and the vintage handheld mirror was $1. The orange frame in the middle was an upcycle projet. I bought it for 50 cents, painted it orange and added some patterned paper in the openings

I know... the pattern isn't perfectly centered in the circles. Don't remind me, it's driving me a little crazy. And unfortunately adjusting the pattern involves removing 4 screws from the frame. Eh, I'll live with it.

And the Before/After.

*I love 3M Command Strips. I don't know if I'll still be saying this when I go to take stuff down, but it made putting everything up very easy!