A Lil' Somethin' About Something to be Found

I. Love. Garage Sales… and estate sales… and thrift stores… and pretty much any place I can dig around to find a good bargain. Heck, I’ve even been known to take a thing or two out of people’s trash. Don’t judge me.

I am mostly drawn to housewares, apparel, and random stuff for the boys but I’m starting to take a liking to furniture – especially with all the eye candy I’ve seen on Pinterest.

My finds can be found sprinkled throughout our house as decoration – and also in a corner of our basement taking up a lot of space… and maybe a corner of the garage too. Ok, and in my closet as well.

I’ve started to feel a little like a hoarder lately, but can’t seem to stop myself from taking an abrupt, sharp turn when I see a fluorescent pink garage sale sign stapled to a phone pole. I mean what if they’re selling vintage milk glass, or a great set of patio furniture, or old Reader’s Digest books, or… or…  

The possibilities are endless but I can’t keep buying stuff for myself every weekend. No, I need to stop buying stuff for myself every weekend and instead… start buying stuff for other people too! Yes, start buying stuff that I think others will love. I can upcycle some of it, paint a few pieces, and then have my friends over for drinks, apps and a night of diggin’ through my junk. Who’s in!?

What’s that you call me? An addict? Oh how dare you.

‘Something to be Found’ junk party coming soon… 

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