How Much is it Worth?

I went to an estate sale near my house a few weekends ago and walked away with a trunk full of vintage goodeness. Total cost - $15! I'm not sure what I'll do with a lot of the items yet, but I know they'll eventually find a spot in the house. If not, I could always sell some of it on the Etsy shop that I don't have, right? I've always wondered if any of the stuff I buy is actually worth anything so I'm heading to Etsy to find out!

Here is the $15 trunk full minus one item that I'll get to in a minute. 

It includes a lot of random stuff like wire baskets, a metal bucket, old shutters, a little side table, some wooden numbers,two recipe boxes,a huge stack of carbon paper, vintage Christmas ornaments, etc. But there are a few items that I think might be real steals!
The first is this 3 drawer Cole Steel filing cabinet. This is the item I forgot to include in the big group pic above. It's really heavy and I just left it in the trunk for a day or two before finally dragging it out. I've been seeing stuff like this all over Pinterest so  I knew something cool could be done with it.

I found a few similar pieces on Etsy but none exact. This was the closest and it's being sold for $40!!

 Next is this wooden shoe form. This would look cute atop a stack of books!

These were ALL OVER Etsy! Most ranged in price from $12-$35, however none of them looked the same as this one. The only one I could find that was close was this one being sold for $55!!

Last and most surprising is this little ruler.

Turns out it's called a Lufkin 966 Folding Ruler. Found this one on Etsy being sold  for $12. Not a ton of money, but much more than I ever imagined it was worth.

And there you have it. $15 for that trunk full of items and 3 of them are potentially worth a total of $107!

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