Free Tray

As if prices at garage sales aren't cheap enough, every so often you stumble upon a box of items labeled "free." Free as in "we were going to chuck this crap but let's put it out and see who might actually take it."

I'm your girl! 

These painted trays were probably only $1 when the owner bought them full price, but whatev, free is free.

At the same garage sale I got a few of these mason jars w/lids. They weren't free, but only $1 each

After cleaning up the jars, painting the tray and adding in a fabric liner, I ended up with this:

Tray - Free
Spray Paint - Already had
Mason Jars - $2
Sand/Candles - Already had 
Fabric Remnant from Jo-Ann Fabrics - $2.50
TOTAL: $4.50

Thank you very much "Free" box. It was nice doin' business with ya. 

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