Somethings: Estate Sales Oh My!

I always considered myself a "Garage Saler." Estate sales made me think of expensive antiques, fancy china and fur coats. Turns out, they ain't so fancy! At least not in my neck of the woods. Holy awesomeness!!!! Estate sales are like garage sales times 2 million. You get to go through someone's ENTIRE house -- opening drawers, looking in cabinets, digging in closets. It sounds major creepy, but once you get past the creep factor, it's pure digging pleasure.

I stumbled upon this one while driving through my neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon. I figured everything had been pretty well picked over so I hesitated even stopping but then that voice inside my head got me thinking there still might be some hidden treasures that others passed up. ...And so I decided to stop.

SCORE! There was still some great stuff left. And even better, the estate sale crew seemed tired and ready to get the heyll outta there so I knew they'd be willing to negotiate. I started in the garage and spotted this cool Haig & Haig wooden crate. Perfect because it was about to double as my shopping cart!

Next I was ecstatic to find EIGHT old Reader's Digest condensed books. The covers on these are the bomb ditty and they are great for decoration.

 Before heading into the house I spotted these old golf club covers -- perfect for C's vintage sports room. 

Next I headed down to the basement where I found these laminate floor tiles and another wooden crate. Not sure what to do with the floor tiles yet, but I loved the color and pattern. Any ideas?

My fave find of the sale was this big old, plaid, Wilson bag. I plan to use it as decoration during the holidays. Maybe fill it with presents and put it on the porch with my old sled.

I also found some other random stuff -- old wooden thread spools, black gardening boots (I have a crafty idea for these! Think turquoise spray paint and flowers.), a few scarves, 2 old hand brooms (no idea what I will do with these but I thought they were cute), a basket, a random roulette wheel (seriously? Since when do I like casino games? Random!!), and a vintage-looking strainer.

And here's the whole haul. All for the bargain basement price of....

TEN DOLLARS! $10!  And so my estate sale addiction begins...

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