Busy day today so I wasn't able to make it to any garage sales or estate sales. Actually, I lie. I stopped at one near my house for like 2 seconds. They hardly had any stuff and it was way overpriced so I won't even count that.

While out and about  there was a huge traffic jam on the freeway so I had to take a different route home. The road I started to take was congested with other traffic jam dodgers so I tried to get all sneaky and take some back roads... apparently it wasn't so sneaky -- they too were packed with traffic!  Of course I thought "ugh, if I  would have just been patient I'd probably be home by now."

I finally made it through the traffic and while driving down a random side street I was pleasantly surprised with a heap of furniture piled down at the curb in front of a small apartment building. Maybe this detour won't be so bad after all.

I slowed down to look but it was just an old dresser with all the drawers missing, and some other junk. I started to drive away but then second guessed myself and threw the car in reverse to take one more look. Thank you voice inside my head! This little gem was hiding in the back of the heap:

I couldn't believe it! How could this cute, vintage yellow suitcase 1) be thrown away in the first place, and 2) not have been taken by anyone else? I started to question whether or not the whole thing was really a trash heap at all, but I scanned it again and it definitely seemed like a trash heap. I even felt oddly better about taking it when a little old lady walking by mumbled under her breath "zipper's probably broken."

Not only does the zipper work,but the whole thing is in pretty darn good shape!

If only there were cute yellow suitcases at the end of every detour.

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  1. What an amazing find! I love this bag.